Libya’s President Al-Qaddafi Supports Kurdish Independence

06/11/2010 13:47:00 By RUDAW


Libya’s President Al-Qaddafi, who flashs victory signs here at G8 summit, supports Kurdish independence. ----- Photo/


Muammar Al-Gaddafi, president of Libya , said the Kurds have the right to declare independence and everybody including the Arab world should tolerate that, said Hoshyar Zebari , Iraq ’s foreign minister.


Al-Gaddafi’s words to support an independent Kurdistan in the Middle East came after he had criticized the lack of will among the Arab nations to be united like the European Union countries.


“We have to be united and respected,” said Al-Gaddafi. “When I say this I don’t mean there are no other nations in the Arab world.“


“He literally said: There is also the Kurdish nation, a big nation and is neighboring us. They have the right to unite and become independent,” said Zebari. 


Al-Gaddafi’s comments, made during the latest summit of the Arab League where foreign ministers of the Arab-dominated countries were present, appeared to have irked some people including Syria ’s foreign minister.


“We have no comment on Mr. Al-Gaddafi’s words except for the part of the Kurds, we are not in support of creating a Kurdish independent state,”  said Walid Mua’aleem, Syria’s foreign minister, said Zebari.


“Al-Gaddafi answered him,” Zebari added. “You claim to be a Ba’athist and your slogan is ‘Unity, Freedom, and Socialism’…If you do not recognize the freedoms of others, then you are not honest with your own principles.” 


The Kurds are the largest stateless ethnic group of the world divided among Turkey , Iran , Syria and Iraq following the end of the World War I. This nation has been subject to ethnic cleansing  and genocide by the regimes of the above mentioned countries since the Kurds started fighting for their ethnic rights in the region.


After Al-Gaddafi finished his speech, Zebari, who himself is a Kurd, said that he applauded for him, an action which again angered the Syrian representative. 


“I applauded. A loud applaud. The attendants all started laughing. Syrian foreign minister sitting next to me, said: oh you finally unmasked yourself!” said Zebari  “I told him this me and this how I have been.  You are the one who unmasked himself.”


Kurds in Syria suffer lack of basic human rights. There are thousands of them deprived from citizenship and in turn deprived them from official marriage , access to education and traveling abroad.  


But here in Iraq , the Kurds have said that they don’t want to secede from Iraq believing such an action will cause their prosperous region problems with the neighboring countries especially Turkey with which they now enjoy strong economic ties.